Neighbor’s tree fell on my house 

After a long, dreary day of storms and high winds, you come home to find your neighbor’s tree has fallen sideways onto your house. Many people always wonder what they should do. Do you notify your neighbor first and tell him to file a claim on his insurance? That’s not always the correct course of action.

To begin, you always want to prevent any further damage from happening to your house. So in this situation, our first recommendation is to tarp the damaged portion of your roof if able. If it is a ginormous tree, it might be best to call your local roofing professional for assistance.

Secondly, you will need to contact your insurance company for advice on how to proceed.. In most cases, your own homeowners insurance will be the one handling this claim even though it was your neighbor’s tree. Please note, there are special circumstances that could come in to play. If the tree was dead and you have previously notified your neighbor to cut the tree down, then the situation would be different.

Claims like this happen almost every single day. So when you’re in doubt, call you local independent insurance agent!

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