Why Do I need An Insurance Agent? 

I don’t need an agent – I can create my own policy online!
Recently, a representative from one of our insurance companies was visiting our agency. He told us about a close friend who made the following statement to him:

“All insurance agents are going to be out of business in a few years! I just went online and designed my own auto insurance policy. I saved a ton of money…I should have done this years ago! No one needs an agent anymore.”

The insurance company representative just congratulated him on his “intelligent” purchase and went his way. A few months later, he ran into the online purchaser again. He wasn’t as happy with his policy as before.

It turns out, the online purchaser had been hit in the rear by another vehicle. In order to save money, he had not purchased “Collision” coverage. However, he wasn’t at fault so he thought this wouldn’t be a big deal.

He then received some really bad news….The person who hit him had no insurance coverage at all. Since the online purchaser had been wanting the lowest price possible, he had also declined “Uninsured Motorist” coverage.

As a result, he had to pay for the damages completely out of his own pocket!
Needless to say, he now uses a professional insurance agent to provide his insurance protection.

What good does it do if you actually save 15% on car insurance, but it takes that and more to pay for a claim that would have been covered by a better policy?

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